We would highly recommend the Office of Jack Kotchick. Jack and Jessica were more than helpful in all ways to resolve the legal challenges we faced. Jessica always responds quickly to any questions or concerns and is very pleasant to speak to. In addition to the initial legal matter we were dealing with, another unexpected problem occurred which Jessica and Jack did go above and beyond to help resolve the issue. We are very grateful for all they did for us and would use them in the future for any legal needs. -Kathie

Mr. Kotchick is fantastic. He goes above and beyond to understand your case, your needs and be attentive and diligent. My case required extra travel time and research and he did so with a smile on his face. I was very pleased with the outcome of my proceedings and I have Jack to thank. -Dan

I hired this firm to fight a ticket that was involved in an accident. They went above and beyond to take this case very seriously, familiarize themselves with all aspects of the case, successfully cross examine the prosecutions witnesses, all leading to a rare acquittal of all charges. Would highly recommend to my friends and family. -Emily

Great Office!!!! I received 4 traffic tickets (a whopper of a speeding ticket and then 3 more tickets because the speeding ticket wasn't enough). This office got everything knocked down to ONE ticket!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. I received NO points and only had to pay a fine, best of all, the harshest ticket, the speeding ticket, was dismissed. This office traveled over an hour and a half away for me for less than what other offices were charging, they charged me a flat fee, and backed their services with a money back guarantee. I couldn't have been happier or more impressed with the services and results I received. -Samson

My lawyer was great and continued to keep me in touch of everything that was going on with my case! -Dani

You will not regret hiring Attorney Kotchick. He is a wonderful lawyer who gets the best outcome for his clients. Jessica is very helpful and kind too. They both are great, and they are very kind people. -John

Hired this firm for a little brush with the law! Great experience! I received a better than expected disposition and was able to move on with my life. The staff was friendly, and the attorney was very experienced and knowledgeable. I would recommend this office for anyone going through a similar experience. -Megan

Highly recommend. Jack and Jessica were very prompt and professional with all emails and correspondence and were able to get my speeding ticket reduced to a parking violation. I would recommend them to friends, family or anyone needing their services. -Jennifer

Jack and his staff were super great to work with! Jack got me a better deal that I hoped for and his staff took great care of me when Jack wasn't available and even helped me get my money back when the other office I hired wasn't going to. Thanks for everything! -Tim

I was frustrated at getting pulled over while out of state and receiving a speeding ticket. John and his paralegal fought my ticket and managed to get the it knocked down to parking ticket, which I was very happy about. They were very diligent and easy to work with. Two thumbs up. -Russell

I got a speeding ticket on 81 and needed help from a local law firm. I really appreciate that Jack and his team have good communication and relationships with the DA: this helped them quickly address my ticket and find a shared resolution. Jessica in his office is very easy to work with over email, quick to respond, and makes the process as easy as possible given the circumstances. I hope to not need the firm's services in the future, but I can highly recommend them to those who do! -Andrew

Recently, I unfortunately was given a speeding ticket, due to my own poor judgement. I was speeding to work, not paying total attention to my speedometer. On the flip side, FORTUNATELY for me, I happened upon the Law Office of Jack Kotchick. Even with me being forgetful, and the court date coming up, they stayed calm and collected and handled the whole matter for me. Let me say that again, THEY HANDLED THE ENTIRE CASE. That being said, my ticket was reduced from a hefty speeding ticket, to a non-moving violation, no points on my license. Thanks to you, and your whole staff Jack! Jessica was the star of this for me, as she was my email contact! -Awgs

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jack and Jessica for their service, and honor them for their class, and professionalism. Speeding tickets are rough, especially the first one, but Jessica has made the entire process extremely easy for me. From responding to late night emails, to always responding quickly, and reassuringly, she has been an absolute delight to work with, throughout the whole experience. Jack has completely remedied my situation and made it something extremely manageable. Starting from the free consultation, Jessica and Jack have been kind, and very reassuring as far as what will happen, and as a result I was a lot less stressed. Their prices are beyond reasonable and are extremely fair. I cannot come up with anything negative to say about this firm, because they handled everything perfectly. I am truly happy with my choice to retain this firm, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Jessica and Jack, you guys were incredible. -Milos

Thank you for successful handling of my son's speeding ticket!! The process was efficient and satisfactorily handled via email and phone which was essential since my son is away in college. -Jorge

I had a long unresolved traffic violation that got to the point I was more worried about trying to resolve it that late (15 years) than I was the original infraction. Finally, I decided to call a lawyer to see what my options were. I spoke with Jessica, who was very understanding and calming. She assured me that it was something they could handle. Communication was great, the fee was reasonable. They called me back on the court date and informed me that they were able to get my license reinstated, lowering 3 tickets to a single (minor) violation. I am HUGELY relieved to have had this taken care of so easily (not even having to appear in court was great for me, as I live hours away). Great communication, great service, reasonable price. -Justin

I want to thank the law office of Jack Kotchick, and specifically Jessica as she was my main contact at the law office, and right from the beginning, she eased all my concerns. She walked me through the process of my speeding ticket which was more than 22 miles over the speed limit. All the details rolled out exactly as Jessica advised me. Eventually, all charges were dismissed. Thank you! I would highly recommend this law office. -Donna