Work Zone And School Zone Speeding Tickets

At the Law Office of Jack Kotchick, many of our clients have received speeding tickets in school or work zones. We wanted to take a few moments to explain these tickets in New York, what we can do to help, and why you should select us to handle your case.

Work Zone Tickets

Many roads in the Binghamton area, especially Interstates 81, 86, 88 and Highway 17, frequently have road construction being performed on them. It is not uncommon to see work zones where speed limits drop to 45 miles per hour or lower with little advanced warning. State and local law enforcement agencies will conduct speed traps in work zones, and will stop motorists traveling over the posted limits.

Drivers who receive tickets for speeding in a work zone may face the following penalties:

  • Fines as high as $975
  • Increased court surcharges
  • Between three and eleven points imposed on your license
  • Possible NYS DMV Driver Responsibility assessment fees
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • The loss of your license if you have too many points against you or subsequent tickets

Do not enter a guilty plea on your ticket until you have had a chance to talk to our experienced attorney. We will explain what we can do to help make this entire situation easier on you, and lessen the consequences to your license that may result.

School Zone Tickets

When school is in session, there are often many children present in school zones, especially early in the morning and then at the end of the school day. Police will maintain a heavy presence in the area and will not hesitate to pull someone over if they find someone who is placing the safety of students at risk.

Possible penalties for school zone speeding tickets include:

  • Between three and eleven points imposed on your license
  • Fines as high as $1,575
  • Higher insurance premiums
  • Court surcharges
  • Possible NYS DMV Driver Responsibility assessment fees
  • The loss of your license if you have too many points against you or subsequent tickets

These are tickets that prosecutors take very seriously. It is important that you take immediate action to defend against school zone speeding tickets, because the more tickets you receive in a specific period of time, the more likely it is that you could lose your license. Do not plead guilty without talking to us.

What We Can Do To Help

There are several things that our firm can do to help you with your work zone or school zone ticket. We will examine the circumstances of the ticket and the actions of the officer to see if there are potential defenses available to you. We will also negotiate with the prosecutors in the hopes of receiving an offer that helps you protect your driving privileges. Our lawyer, Jack Kotchick, has 30 years of criminal law experience. He will help you determine the best course of action to take in your case.

Money-Back Guarantee

Most of the tickets we handle at our firm include our "money-back guarantee." This means that you will receive a full refund of your retainer if we are unable to reduce your ticket or reduce the consequences of your ticket. We will explain this in greater detail during our first meeting.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

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