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New bill could help low-income individuals repay tickets

New York has many drivers, and as a result, there are a good number of traffic tickets issued each year. New York's fines, however, have the largest effect on the poor, according to a lawmaker in Syracuse. An assemblywoman and national advocacy group have made a plan to change the laws that they believe unfairly punish the poor by taking away their licenses for violations including a single unpaid traffic ticket.

The bill would require the courts throughout the state to allow for income-based repayment plans for traffic fines, surcharges and fees. Judges could also choose to waive surcharges and fees that are currently mandatory. Drivers who receive traffic fines would then be able to make monthly installments of 2% of their monthly income or $10 every month, whichever is higher.

3 things you should ask yourself after getting a speeding ticket

Your heart jumped when you saw those sirens light up behind you on the highway.

When the police officer handed you a speeding ticket, you felt a moment of disbelief. Maybe you feel like you need to take a second look at the circumstances surrounding this incident. Did you really deserve a ticket?

Speeding tickets affect millions of people: Learn more

A speeding ticket can be frustrating, but for the most part, people are so familiar with them that they don't seem to be a big deal. The truth is that these tickets can have a significant impact on you, and you still have a right to defend yourself against them.

There are lots of interesting facts about the history of speeding tickets that you should know. For example, did you know that the first speeding ticket was given in Manhattan in 1899? The violation led to the speeder being jailed.

Paying a ticket is pleading guilty: Know your rights

If you're caught committing a traffic violation, you'll likely get a ticket. You may have to pay fines or go to court, too. For the most part, people simply pay their fines and move on because traffic tickets are common and aren't always considered to be serious. However, from a legal standpoint, they can be damaging.

A traffic ticket might not seem very important at the time, but the costs add up. In addition to the fines, could lose your license in some cases and may see a hike in your insurance premiums. If this isn't your first ticket, then you may find that you have to take time out of your day to go to court or that the fines have increased significantly.

Speeding tickets add up, especially in school zones

Speeding in a school zone is a traffic crime that can have significant penalties. School zones are generally marked with signs and flashing lights that warn people to slow down. There may be markings on the road to indicate that there are pedestrian crossings and schools nearby.

In school zones, the speeds are listed. Usually, speeds are no higher than 25 mph. Speeding through the area can lead to a ticket, and the penalties are usually much higher than for other speeding offenses.

Should you plead not guilty to a ticket?

If you are given a traffic ticket, you probably know that you can pay it online or in person at the court. What you may not realize is that paying the fine is an admission of guilt.

If you don't believe that you're guilty of the actions of which you're accused, it's important that you don't pay your ticket and instead appear in court. You can attend the hearing and plead not guilty. In many instances, you can also plead not guilty online or over the phone.

Do you need an attorney for traffic violations?

Traffic tickets are more than just a nuisance; they can increase the cost of your car insurance and even result in financial penalties or jail.

In New York, you're able to plead guilty to traffic tickets online. If you don't agree with the ticket you've received, you retain the right to fight it and to state why you shouldn't face penalties or why you didn't commit the alleged violation.

Should you fight a speeding ticket?

Traffic tickets may not seem very important. After all, most people will get out of a traffic ticket at some point in their lives. It would be hard to find anyone who didn't know someone who had gotten a traffic ticket for speeding or other minor offenses.

As for minor offenses, it might not seem important to fight the charges that have been placed against you. Still, it is going to go on your record, and the offense can affect you. For example, a speeding ticket could cost $45 or more. On top of that, your insurance rates could go up as a result of violating speeding laws. If you violate speeding laws too often, then you can lose your right to have a license.

Exercise caution driving through construction work zones

You might drive a few miles over the speed limit for many different reasons. You might leave a few minutes late for work, rush to pick your kids up from school, increase your speed to make a long drive a little quicker or just tend to be slightly impatient behind the wheel.

Many New Yorkers speed from time to time. While speeding anywhere can lead to a costly ticket and other penalties, speeding in certain areas like work or school zones can lead to even more profound consequences. When you fail to slow down or abide by other traffic signs in construction zones, you may find yourself wondering how to fight your ticket.

You can fight a traffic ticket and prevent unfair penalties

People who get traffic tickets often don't believe that those tickets are very important. Some people shrug them off and carry on with their day after paying the penalty. Others are upset by the ticket, but they pay the fine and move on.

Traffic tickets can impact you, though, so it's best to take them seriously. Some of the most common reasons for traffic tickets to be given include:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield
  • Turning into the wrong lane
  • Parking in a handicap spot without the authority to do so
  • Not paying overdue parking meters
  • Not using turn signals

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