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Is an Ignition Interlock Device In Your Future?

If you face charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New York, the consequences can be severe.

One of the punishments that can affect even some first-time offenders is installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) in your vehicle. When this instrument is installed, it requires that you to take a breath test whenever you get behind the wheel. If the alcohol level is too high, your vehicle won't start.

Your DWI sentencing conditions could require that you use an IID for up to a year. Exceptions sometimes are made, however, so it is important to inform the court of relevant details of your life.

The vehicles you own

If you own multiple vehicles, the court will decide which ones will require IID installation. Most sentences require IID installation only for motor vehicles that are used on public highways. However, because IIDs do not work on motorcycles or tractors, the court might prohibit you from using any highway vehicle besides a car.

Off-road vehicles such as ATVs or boats may be exempt from the IID sentencing, but whether you are allowed to use them depends on the sentencing conditions.

If you can afford it

You must pay to install, remove and keep the IID on your vehicle. The costs can vary; generally, it is approximately $200 for installation and removal, with an additional $100 monthly fee. The court could waive or reduce these costs, if you are not able to afford them.

If you operate a vehicle for work

A vehicle that may not require an IID is one you use for work. If you have questions about IIDs, speak with an attorney who has experience with this area of the law.

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