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Is cellphone use banned while driving in New York?

Distracted driving is a serious threat to all people on and around the roads, which is why it's necessary to keep your full attention on the road when you drive. Distractions lead to serious injuries and deaths in collisions.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorists who take their eyes off the road for two seconds double the risk of being involved in a crash. Those who perform secondary tasks, like texting or talking on cellphones, increase their risk of a crash by two to three times as well.

What kinds of distractions are there?

There are a few types of distractions to remember. These include:

  • Personal distractions, which are caused by the driver. These include daydreaming, applying makeup or using a cellphone
  • Internal distractions, which include distractions caused by animals or passengers
  • External distractions, such as those outside the vehicle

Each kind of distraction poses a threat, but the only distraction drivers have full control over is the personal distraction.

The NHTSA claims that 80 percent of collisions in New York are a result of drivers being inattentive. Among the most common causes of inattention is cellphone or electronics use. The state has passed cellphone laws to prohibit hand-held cellular phone usage while driving. If you're caught, you will face fines of up to $150 and have two points assessed on your license.

There are exceptions to the rule, and that's something to look into if you're facing charges. Your attorney can help you defend yourself and take steps to help prevent this incident from affecting you in the long term.

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