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Exercise caution driving through construction work zones

You might drive a few miles over the speed limit for many different reasons. You might leave a few minutes late for work, rush to pick your kids up from school, increase your speed to make a long drive a little quicker or just tend to be slightly impatient behind the wheel.

Many New Yorkers speed from time to time. While speeding anywhere can lead to a costly ticket and other penalties, speeding in certain areas like work or school zones can lead to even more profound consequences. When you fail to slow down or abide by other traffic signs in construction zones, you may find yourself wondering how to fight your ticket.

Penalties for work zone violations

To protect both roadside construction workers and drivers, New York law is tough on speeding in work zones. In fact, officials across the state have recently cracked down on drivers failing to abide by traffic rules in construction zones. Over just a five-day period in April, troopers issued over 14,000 tickets. Speeding was the most common violation, resulting in 5,000 tickets.

Key items to understand about work zone violations include:

  • Penalties for speeding violations double. Ticket fines double, ranging from $90 to $600, depending on the offense. You may also face up to 30 days in jail.
  • Workers do not need to be present. Even without the physical presence of workers in work zones, reduced speed limits and other restrictions apply.
  • Signs must be present. New York law does require construction work zones to post signs warning drivers of an upcoming work zone and related rules.
  • A second ticket leads to enhanced penalties. When you receive a second ticket within 18 months, the state may suspend your driver’s license.

The potential for fines, jail time, the suspension of your license and more may compel you to dispute the potential penalties invoked by your traffic ticket. However, also consider the potential impact to your auto insurance policy. Even one speeding violation can cause your premium to dramatically increase and a work zone ticket can worsen this.

Your options to fight a ticket

Disputing your traffic ticket may seem discouraging. However, pleading guilty can lead to the maximum penalties of the ticket. Work with an attorney to learn your options to contest the ticket, including by working to minimize penalties you face, like fines or points deducted from your driver’s license.

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