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3 things you should ask yourself after getting a speeding ticket

Your heart jumped when you saw those sirens light up behind you on the highway.

When the police officer handed you a speeding ticket, you felt a moment of disbelief. Maybe you feel like you need to take a second look at the circumstances surrounding this incident. Did you really deserve a ticket?

The answers to these three questions could lead to a defense against a speeding ticket: 

1. How did the police officer clock your speed?

Law enforcement officials sometimes use devices such as laser or radar speed guns to detect the speed of a car. While these devices are standard, they are not always 100% reliable.

Other methods an officer could use to detect speed are even less reliable: sight and pacing. Pacing is when an officer drives behind you to see if they can determine and reach your speed.

2. Was an emergency causing you to speed?

Very few scenarios would actually give you a good reason to break speeding laws. However, there are a few instances when you’d need to speed for your safety or the safety of others.

Perhaps your wife is in labor in the backseat or you were speeding to avoid a severe accident. Be careful not to use any important matter as an emergency – you’d need to prove the severity in front of a judge.

3. Could you have been mistaken for a different driver?

There are only so many makes, models and colors of cars on the road. It is entirely feasible to suggest that two red Toyota Camrys were on the same stretch of highway at the same time. The police officer could have confused your car with someone else’s.

If you asked yourself these questions and the answers made you second-guess your culpability, you could have a case against your speeding ticket. These defense methods aren’t guaranteed, but they have been used before successfully.

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