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Man charged for causing crash resulting in injuries in New York

No matter what you've done to end up under arrest, it's important for you to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. You don't need to say or do anything to placate the police. Your only job is to follow simple orders, like performing a breath test and going with them peacefully. You can stay quiet and should until you speak with your attorney.

Help your friends avoid a DWI after your Super Bowl party

If you're hosting a Super Bowl party, you likely have a lot of planning to do. Without a doubt, your food has to rival the guy's down the street, so you must clean your grill. You'll want to make sure your TV is in good condition and you've invited all your friends. And, as with all good parties, you probably want to make sure you have enough to drink.

Are there more police on the roads during the holidays?

Every year, there are reports that more people are pulled over and given DUIs during the holidays. One question you may have about this is if there is a natural increase in drunken driving or if there are just more officers on the road to stop people who are drinking and driving.

What is Leandra's Law?

Leandra's Law was signed nearly nine years ago, which strengthened penalties for drinking and driving in New York. The law, sometimes known as the Child Passenger Protection Act, was proposed after Leandra Rosado, an 11-year-old girl, was killed on the Henry Hudson Parkway while she rode in a vehicle with a friend's mother, who was intoxicated behind the wheel.

Drunk driving in New York is not as simple as it seems

Summer seems in full swing up and down the East Coast, and good weather brings more people out onto the roads for sunshine and relaxation. Warm weather also makes it more stylish and enjoyable to have a few drinks, and there are many laws that keep this activity away from the roads.

Memorial Day DWI crackdown

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. It's when we have cook-outs and picnics, parties and other gatherings with family and friends.

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